Umwanya w’akazi wa Procurement and Administration Manager at Umwalimu SACCO:(Deadline:16-08-2022)

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Umwalimu SACCO is looking for inspired innovators, dynamic self-driven and highly creative personalities to collaborate with Umwalimu SACCO in taking it to the next level of success. If you feel you have what it takes, we would like to hear from you.

Please send us your applications via email at no later than 16/08/2022 at 5 PM local time. Put the job title you are applying for.

Interested candidates should submit soft copies of the motivation letter addressed to the Director General of UMWALIMU SACCO, signed CV and copy of required notarized degrees and other important documents. For the experience please attach related work certificate. Kindly note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the exam and interview.


Procurement And Administration Manager

Reports to:

the Director of Human Resources and Administration


HR and Administration

Age Limit: 45

·         Be a Rwandan by Nationality

·         Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, management, Finance or Economics or Diploma in Procurement and Stores

·         Relevant Master’s Degree or Professional certification in procurement is an added advantage

·         At least 3 years’ experience in procurement managerial level or 5 years in other senior position in procurement and administration.

Knowledge and Skills

·         People management skills

·         Negotiation skills

·         Report writing

·         Analytical skills

·         Leadership ability

·         Confident

·         High level of integrity

·         Planning and organizing

·         Action oriented,

·         Problem solving

·         Strategic thinking

·         Excellent inter – personal skills

·         Sharp knowledge of market trends

·         Good public image and personality

·         Due Diligence

·         Attention to Detail

Key responsibilities


·         Responsible for all insurance needs, facilitating renewals and following up on claims;

·         Manage the procurement procedure within the approved budget;

·         Ensure land rates and business permits are timely renewed;

·         Management of the assets registers;

·         Convene the procurement committee;

·         Supervise the Store and Logistics Officer and procurement officer in the provision of office support services to all departments;

·         Prepare accurate reports on expenditures incurred, office maintenance and other consumables;

·         Follow up and ensure that the telephones (telephone switching system) are in good working order and well manned at all time;

·         Consolidate and update the fixed assets registers and ensure that records are up to date and reflect actual physical assets in the company;

·         Maintain the property insurance register and update new equipment and property into the current policy;

·         Carry out filling of expenditure and procurement documents;

·         Maintain proper stores and procurement records;

·         Premises and Estate management;

·         Set and monitor standards of excellence for all administrative process;

Procurement Planning and Execution

·         Prepare a consolidated procurement plan based on the approved action plan;

·         Receive the procurement Requisition and supporting documents from the originating Department;

·         Verify the current availability of sufficient funds in the budget heading and that the requirement is defined in the Annual Procurement Plan;

·         Checks that documents are complete that any plans and designs for works are properly prepared and approved by the competent authority, that all essential site tests and inspections have been carried out, and that due consideration for safety, economic and environmental factors is included;

·         Ensure that the specifications for goods or terms of reference for services are suitable for the need and are of an appropriate quality;

·         Review the specifications and develop as necessary ensuring that these are detailed, precise and generic;

·         Preparation of bidding documents;

·         Publication and distribution of invitation to bid;

·         Receipt and safe keeping of bids;

·         Obtaining approvals for award recommendations from competent authorities;

·         Preparation of notification of tender ward;

·         Ensuring adequate contract execution in collaboration with the beneficiary department;

·         Manage the centralized procurement of equipment, stationaries, supplies, office furniture among others;

·         Follow up on purchase order (PO) statuses and keep the heads of departments and respective project managers abreast of the estimated time delivery or any changes that may affect or modify the pre-determined delivery conditions; ensure all expected merchandise is received in accordance with PO specifications, and that all goods are in good condition;

·         Maintain excellent supplier relationships whilst ensuring that the interests of the organization are protected at all times in line with the procurement policy;

·         Supervise the management of the stock levels and ensure that the store is well managed and responsive to the requests from branches;

·         Generate periodic report/maintain a list of pre-qualification of vendors for various items and services;

·         Coordinate maintenance and improvement of Umwalimu SACCO Offices;

·         Responsible for payment of all rents and utility bills, closely monitor payment against the budgets and prepare appropriate management reports;

·         Maintain an accurate schedule for timely renewal of all property leases and other framework contracts where applicable;

·         Supervise the management of all organizations vehicles including usage logs, reconciliation of the fuel account, maintenance, repairs and insurance;

·         Supervise receptionist, driver, messenger, housekeepers and gardeners;

·         Maintain updated records of all keys and security codes;

·         Coordinate the fuel account with the supplier and ensure that the records of any consumption are updated;

·         Manage the courier services, service level agreement and provide timely feedback and follow up any issues arising;

·         Monitor external contracts and services provided by the suppliers to ensure that these are operating effectively and provide the best value to the company;

·         Perform other related duties assigned by the Head of Department.

·         Efficient administrative management that ensures the institution is well supported;

·         Development and implementation of the procurement policy

·         Ensure necessary, timely and cost savings procurement is done as per policy and approval and efficiently supplied to user units are required;

·         Budget observation;

·         Development and updating of data;

·         Logistical support to the institution;

·         Up to date payments for all services rendered;

·         Good condition of premises and other assets,

·         Supportive administration structure;

·         Staff supervision and performance management;

·         Satisfactory audit rating and inspections.



Umwalimu SACCO shall provide for equal employment opportunity to the prospective candidates without direct or indirect discrimination on grounds of ethnic or social origin, gender, political and philosophical or religious opinions.


Any supplementary information regarding the recruitment advertisement shall be obtained at Human Resource & Administration Department of Umwalimu SACCO at any time during the working hours: From 8:00 AM up to 6:00 PM starting from Monday to Friday.

NB: This vacant post is open to external as well as internal candidates.

Done at Kigali, 1/8/2022


Director of HR & Administration Director General

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