Umwanya w’akazi wa DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY muri Muganga SACCO (Deadline: 15 June 2022 at 6:00 PM)


MUGANGA SACCO is a Saving and Credit Cooperative for health sector staff in Rwanda. Its primary objective is to improve members’ socio-economic conditions and promote access to finance, by assisting them to make savings and access low-rate loans, therefore contributing significantly to their retention. The SACCO started as HSS-MAG (Health Sector Staff Mutual Aid Group) and was established as a result of the Government of Rwanda’s advice to the Ministry of Health to find strategies to motivate and retain healthcare professionals in the public sector, which is one of the constraints hindering the quality of healthcare services in Rwanda.

MUGANGA SACCO wishes to recruit the competent and self-driven staff on the position of Director of ICT on permanent basis regardless of the gender, and any other kind of discriminations.


Position: Director of Information & Communication Technology

Number of needed staff: One

Employment period: Open-ended period (Full-time)

Working place: Muganga SACCO Head Office


Serves as the MUGANGA SACCO’s Director of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and is responsible for the execution of all ICT strategic and operational objectives under the direction of the Director General. The position manages a team responsible for the MUGANGA SACCO’s network, infrastructure, hardware, physical and cyber security, and compliance requirements. In addition, the Director of ICT collaborates with technology vendors and service providers to support internal and external customers and clients in a growing and dynamic organization.


3.1. General responsibility

  • The position is responsible for offering leadership and oversight of the ICT strategy, budgets, resources and policies with key measurable deliverables as follows:
  • Ensure that the ICT Systems support the current and future growth requirements for MUGANGA SACCO that supports the SACCO with the best IT platforms & software necessary for the business growth;
  • To oversee & participate in the design, development, implementation of a comprehensive IT system where applicable or off the shelf solutions;
  • To ensure that the SACCO’s Data is protected through an elaborate data privacy & protection procedure;
  • To put in place, the SACCO’s ICT policy on cybersecurity, data, hacking systems and any other IT related policy issues;
  • To ensure visibility of the SACCO internally & externally through development and continuous enhancement of an interactive updated website for the Institution;
  • Provide leadership direction and guidance, creating and maintaining a productive work environment and ensuring staff have the appropriate skills and tools to perform their jobs.
  •  Information and Communication Technology
  • Oversees all information technology operations;
  • Build, plan and implement the overall MUGANGA SACCO digital banking strategy;
  • Implementation, administration and support of ICT Core processing systems and business support systems, Infrastructure and services inclusive of ICT assets and networks management;
  • Institution’s ICT and facilities projects management;
  • Oversight for MUGANGA SACCO Alternative Business Channels Technical Support.
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Provides strategic direction and oversight for IT related design, development, implementation, operation and support of IT systems and programs that fulfills the needs and objectives of MUGANGA SACCO;
  • Creation and implementation of strategies to improve and assure network capability, transmission, storage, data security, business continuity, disaster recovery and high reliability and availability of technology resources;
  • Identify critical business issues and develop workable solutions for customers as well as MIS associates, Government agencies, donors, partners among others. These solutions may include enhancements to existing core applications, new software packages, and/or customer programs. Evaluates and establishes network/system requirements and expansion plans, programs for the organization;
  • Engage and collaborate with leadership in all functional areas, driving integrated IT planning throughout the business;
  • Capacity to effectively present information and respond to questions from various levels of internal/external customers, executive management, and board of directors;
  • Define MIS standards, policies and procedures in compliance with internal, external auditor requirements and acceptable accounting standards. Provides interpretations as required;
  • Ability to evolve with a rapidly changing environment and anticipate changes in technology;
  • Prepare annual IT budget and recommend systems improvements and capital improvements;
  • Act as liaison with IT vendors, technical consultants, technology providers and regulatory agencies.
  • Design and Development
  • Analyzes complex business needs presented by departments and recommends technical solutions;
  • Act as liaison with IT vendors, technical consultants, technology providers and regulatory agencies;
  • Effectively review new technologies for inclusion into the bank’s products, processes and information management systems to ensure MUGANGA SACCO remains innovative, creative and abreast of information technology trends;
  • Assesses and controls all costs associated with the MUGANGA SACCO’s technology, communications, and information systems;
  • Develop guidelines for system development, enhancements, user requirements gathering, testing platforms, criteria and benchmarks for the entire organization;
  • Ensure the continual development and review of departmental operational manuals, workflow models and business plans in order to achieve the objectives of the organization’s strategic plan over the years.
  •  Controls
  • Prepares and manages the Management Information Systems (MIS) operating and capital budgets;
  • Enforce strict adherence to controls for all MIS facilities and apparatus through the use of various departmental approved guidelines and documentations. Enforce the recommendations of internal/external audits, systems review or evaluations;
  • Ensure the availability of proper audit trails on all MIS facilities, secured and producible on request. Facilitate the access to this audit trails by the authorized internal Audit staff;
  • Responds efficiently and cordially to requests for service and assistance within MUGANGA SACCO customer service standards; meets commitments;
  • Promotes team goals over individual accomplishment; provides assistance and guidance to other team members; participates in team activities;
  • Reviews and approves all business requirements prior to implementing technical solutions.
  • System Support 
  • Support Growth Objectives and fulfill the company’s goals regarding information technology according to the adopted mission, vision and core values;
  • Exhibits sound and accurate judgment; clearly explain reasoning for decisions; includes appropriate people in decision-making process; demonstrates persistence and overcomes obstacles; takes calculated risks within SACCO tolerance to accomplish goals;
  • Provide leadership direction and guidance, creating and maintaining a productive work environment and ensuring staff have the appropriate skills and tools to perform their jobs;
  • Ensure the maintenance of optimal performance by all business, administrative and communication systems and apparatus through local support or properly negotiated service level agreements. Develop and implement the inter-departmental Service Level agreements;
  • Oversee the implementation of regular preventive maintenance program, up to date inventory and updated insurance listings for all ICT apparatus;
  • Ensure proper functioning of institution’s information processing systems, MIS trends, technical problems, need for equipment, need for software upgrading, and priorities through the laid down MIS policies and audit requirements.
  • System Security and Administration
  • Directly supervises all staff in the department. Participate in recruitments, screens, training of staff. Evaluates employee performance and provides guidance and feedback to assigned staff. Mentors and participates in disciplinary processes as necessary;
  • Recommends departmental goals and objectives. Implements and communicates these goals and objectives to staff. Reassesses or redefines priorities as appropriate in order to achieve performance objectives;
  • Serves as the primary source of information regarding department services. Links the ICT department with other organization’s departments through negotiated service level agreements to ensure that services are effectively coordinated;
  • Oversee the specification, procurement, installation and upgrades of all systems and apparatus in the organization’s physical plant;
  • Responsible for the implementation the physical plant security, safety requirement and business continuity planning.
  • MIS Adequacy
  • Ensure the business and administrative systems and apparatus adequately meet the needs of the organization. Generate programs or enhancements that ensure that this need is continuously met;
  • Oversee and coordinate all forms of data conversion, manual or electronic data capture methods, and outputs in all MIS systems within the organization;
  • Perform any other duty assigned by the supervisor.


  • Information system that meets the needs of all stakeholders;
  • Accurate and timely information;
  • Efficient user access and 100% system availability;
  • Excellent system security and disaster recovery measures in place;
  • Vendor and supplier management;
  • Highly motivated and productive ICT team.


Energy Level – Tendency to display endurance and a capacity for a fast pace work environment. Ability to complete assignments in a timely manner. Responds with a sense of urgency to requests from customers, co-workers and /or supervision and can make tough choices, even under time pressure. Must have patience and ability to handle routine processes.

Assertiveness – Demonstrated ability to be diplomatic and customer focused. Good at working with others and following direction. Ability to influence others to accomplish goals.

Sociability – Tendency to be outgoing, people-oriented, and participate with others. Comfortable working in a group setting with all level of management. Capable of developing ideas and suggestions that drive efficiency and improvement.

Manageability – Understands the importance of adherence to SACCO policies in job related functions, employee and banking issues. Maintains confidentiality of employee, customer and SACCO information within and outside of the company. Comfortable with authority and rules, works within the rules and is compliant with procedures.

Attitude – Demonstrates a positive attitude regarding people and outcomes. Leads by example and exhibits Field and Main: culture, core values, and basics. Maintains the highest level of honesty in handling customer, employee and bank information. Doesn’t take things at face value and is willing to question or look at documentation with a critical eye.

Decisiveness – Ability to use available information to make decisions and move things along in the process. Must be confident accepting the risk of making a decision in a timely fashion. Analyzes and considers the cost-benefit of potential actions.

Accommodating – tendency to be friendly, cooperative, and agreeable. To be a team person. Often associated with concern for group accountability. A willingness to consider the needs and ideas of others. Recognizes opportunities, fosters improvement and is open to ideas.

Independence – Must be self-reliant and self-directed enough to take independent action and make recommendations to management. Able to work with minimal supervision. Takes proactive steps to accomplish tasks.

Objective Judgment – The ability to think clearly and be objective in decision making. Use sufficient facts to make a decision or accomplish tasks and without relying on intuition or gut feel.


  • Ambitious professional with a Bachelor’s degree Information Technology, Business Administration with proven experience in developing IT-based systems and software.
  • At least 5 years of proven hands-on extensive experience dealing with software/systems development, ICT infrastructure design, and project management is expected (supporting documents are compulsory);
  • A thorough understanding of financial products and services using digital platforms (with supporting documents);
  • Proven project management experience including allocation and coordination of resources and proper execution considering dependencies (with supporting documents);
  • Aptitude to write reports, business correspondence and procedure manuals;
  • Ability to apply technical problem-solving techniques;
  • Banking experience is a plus, but not a requirement.
  • To be between 25 and 35 years’ old


Interested candidates should submit soft copies of the motivation letter, CV and copy of required degree, other important documents and Minimum of 3 persons of professional references addressed electronically to the Muganga SACCO Office at the Ministry of Health, latest 15 June 2022 at 6:00 PM on the following email address:

Questions/clarifications may be requested by email to the following email address:

Kindly note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the exam and interview.

Done at Kigali, on 31 May 2022

Muganga SACCO Management

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