Scholarship Opp: Meiji Gakuin University Scholarships to Study in Japan

Scholarship Opp: Meiji Gakuin University Scholarships to Study in Japan

The university offers a range of scholarships to full time students, with a few that are available to those who live in Japan with “Student Visa” status.
A summary of these scholarships is here.

Faculty of International Studies Scholarship

International Scholarships for Academic Excellence

The Department of Global and Transcultural Studies at Meiji Gakuin University offers a limited number of competitive scholarships to support exceptionally promising foreign students who are studying in Japan at their own expense.

Level of Funding

The ISAE scholarship offers a 70% tuition remission per term. Recipients also receive a refund for the facilities fee, the equipment fee and the educational maintenance fee they pay every semester. (The scholarship does not cover the one-time enrollment fee, room and board costs, personal expenses, or other smaller fees charged by MGU.)

These students can also apply for the university-wide “Tuition Remission System for Privately Funded Full-time Foreign Students” which offers an additional 30% remission.

Dormitory Information

The university provides some dormitory facilities to incoming students. MISH in particular is for international students who are coming to the university for study abroad programs, but depending on availability, full time students can also reside here.

Click here for apartment information on the main university site.

Buddy System

A “buddy” is a volunteer who supports international students attending Meiji Gakuin University.
By interacting with international students on a daily basis, MGU students improve their crosscultural communication skills and deepen their understanding of multiculturalism.

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