Kangwon National University Undergraduate Scholarships in South Korea

Scholarships for New Students

Classification Qualification and Criteria
Qualification Any new undergraduate student (including transfer students) who has obtained TOPIK level 4 or higher or completed the language course from the KNU International Language Institute and possesses the qualifications to be admitted to our university, such as obtaining TOPIK level 3 or higher
Payment Criteria Classification Tuition Fee 1 Tuition Fee 2
TOPIK level 4 Exemption 60% exemption
TOPIK level 5 or above Examption 100% examption
A student who has completed the Korean language program at KNU International Language Institute (TOPIK level 3 or above or completed Korean language program level 4 or above) 35% exemption
Payment Period First semester after being admitted
Others Only according to the documents submitted before the semester begins (reflect admission guide)Only applies to students who have studied a total of 6 months or more at KNU International Language Institute and hold an attendance rate of 80% or above for all semestersStudents with double majors are excluded

Scholarships for Outstanding Grades

Classification Qualification and Criteria
Qualification An undergraduate student who has completed at least 12 credits with a GPA of at least 2.5 in the previous semester, and obtained TOPIK level 4 or above
Payment Criteria Classification Tuition Fee 1(A) Tuition Fee 2(B) Scholarship Type
GPA Top 1% Exemption Exemption A
GPA Top 5% Exemption B
GPA Top 10% 50% Exemption C
GPA Top 30% Exemption D
Payment Period Regular semester
Others TOPIK level 4 or above is applied from the 2nd semester of 2013The grade ranking of payment criteria is the order within foreign students studying abroad, and students cannot receive duplicate scholarshipsWhen calculating the beneficiaries, full scholarship students, dual degree students, and students completing extra semesters are excluded (decimal places are dropped)The grade ranking ratio can be adjusted within the budget limit (However, it must suffice the fiscal soundness evaluation indicator for foreign student attraction and management capability certification system)A student who does not have insurance is excluded

Tuition Fee for Each Department (as of 2019)

(Unit: KRW)

College Tuition Fee Ⅰ Tuition Fee Ⅱ Total
Humanities & Social Sciences 369,000 1,344,000 1,713,000
Natural Science I 376,000 1,725,000 2,101,000
Natural Science Ⅱ 376,000 1,540,000 1,916,000
Engineering 401,000 1,818,000 2,219,000
Physical Education 376,000 1,843,000 2,219,000
Arts 401,000 1,909,000 2,310,000
Pharmacy 401,000 2,666,000 3,067,000
Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Science 482,000 1,725,000 2,207,000
Veterinary Medicine 482,000 2,397,000 2,879,000

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