Job Position of Production Specialist at SOUK IG Ltd: (Deadline 3 August 2022)

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Production Specialist at SOUK IG Ltd: (Deadline 3 August 2022)

Production Specialist

Production specialists are responsible for planning and managing the production activities of a company based on job orders. The Production Specialist will support the Production Coordinator to manage all activties at the farm.

  • Support daily coordination with the Farm Managers
  • Daily Updates to the Production Coordinator and Technical Manager
  • Work with the Farm Managers to monitor and ensure that what is proposed by the Technical Manager is being implemented
  • Procure chemicals in a timely manner for all the farms and ensure that all needed inputs are available
  • Procure all equipment needed at all farms and keep the records to ensure that everything needed is accounted for at each and all of the farms
  • Manage relationships with the contract farmers to ensure that all land lease payments are made accordingly and in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that all implementation of the crop planting schedule is followed and all planting dates are respected
  • Implement spraying programs and irrigation programs set by Production Manager
  • Implement crop planting schedule
  • Coordinate land mobilisation activties
  • Work closely with the farm managers and production coordinator to manage the costs once:
    • Budget preparation (weekly, monthly)
    • Budget reconciliation (weekly, monthly)
  • Work with the Production Coordinator to maintain the Crop cycle end report
  • Coordinate with the packhouse and quality management team on the status of the produce and feedback to the farm team what needs to be done
  • Conduct site visits to ensure that all activties are running smoothly at all the farms

Deadline: 3rd August 2022


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