Job Position of Agribusiness Specialist at Africa Development Consultant Limited (ADC): (Deadline 31 August 2022)

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Agribusiness Specialist at Africa Development Consultant Limited (ADC): (Deadline 31 August 2022)



Africa Development Consultant Limited (ADC) is a consultancy firm registered by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB). ADC’s Mission is to offer comprehensive business development services that focus on the needs of enterprises. ADC’s Core Values: Professionalism, Partnership, Integrity, Result Driven, and Value Adding. ADC is working as a partner of the United States Africa Development Foundation (USADF) for the Implementation of the USADF Rwanda Program. USADF is an economic development agency whose program promotes the development of smallholder agricultural producer groups, small-scale agribusinesses, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Under the USADF Program, ADC is instrumental in carrying out the following tasks:

1.Assisting Rwandan applicants of the USADF grant in the development of their project funding proposals for submission to USADF.

  1. Training grantees on USADF accounting and reporting requirements and providing ongoing support and remediation interventions to ensure the effective use of funds provided.

3.Assisting USADF-supported SMEs in conceptualizing and implementing program strategies, product, and supply chain development, marketing, business, and human resources management, and other organizational development activities to improve their competitiveness and implement their market penetration and diversification strategies.

4.Identifying locally-available sources of technical assistance and training for the capacity building of grantees.

  1. Conduct regular on-site monitoring visits and assist clients to improve internal systems for maximizing efficiencies and effectiveness in preparation for enterprise expansion.

6.Analyzing business plans and ensuring financial and management systems are established at all projects enabling them to report against established performance indicators.

  1. Assist grantees to identify domestic, regional, and international market opportunities.
  2. Ensuring grantee compliance with USADF grant policies and procedures.

It is based on the ADC Cooperative Agreement with USADF that ADC is recruiting an Agribusiness Specialist who will be given a one-year contract starting from October 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023, an annual contract renewable based on performance and availability of funds.

Agribusiness Specialist – Roles and responsibilities:

  1. Assist potential USADF grantees to diagnose their technology and identify areas that need improvement. Also, clarify their current marketing system and areas that need upgrading.
  2. In conjunction with the grantee board and management identify key stakeholders and their roles in implementing the proposed project.
  3. Gather data relevant to each new project’s improved technology including sources and related costs.
  4. Collect information related to market and competition.
  5. Visit the project area and note any special site considerations, proximity to protected areas, parks, forests, wetlands, rivers, lakes, etc and recommend appropriate measures in compliance with Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) regulations.
  6. Assist the beneficiary’s board and management understand their project performance indicators and have a realistic plan to implement the project activities.
  7. Support grantees in developing Terms of References (TORs) for training and Technical Assistance to ensure that they are designed in line with project design.
  8. Work with grantee’s board and management to evaluate trainers’ and Consultants’ performance
  9. Train the beneficiary’s key personnel on value chain management.
  10. Conduct site visits according to the Monitoring visits plan, site visit guidelines and promptly inform the Program Director of any problem identified by the site visit and propose the remediation plan to support the grantee being on track.
  11. Write site visit monitoring reports on each project summarizing the beneficiaries’ progress toward implementation of project activities., and resolving any major problems which have arisen, which might threaten the long–term sustainability of the project if any.
  12. Conduct training to grantees in Value Chain systems so that every grantee understands its fundamental importance in the business.
  13. Provide regular internal inspection to grantees on required standards for national and international markets and make recommendations accordingly.
  14. Liaise with technical assistance related to appropriate agribusiness training to verify whether the Terms of References (TORs), and training materials are appropriate, standard, and beneficial to the grantees.
  15. Verify and approve the training materials before training is affected and follow closely training sessions.
  16. Make a follow-up on the grantees on whether the agribusiness-related training is put into use and evaluate the impact of the training the grantees receive.
  17. Facilitate the grantees in implementing their market plan and linkage to the market.
  18. Facilitate the grantees to acquire appropriate machinery, equipment, and materials at better prices and other related conditions.
  19. Enable knowledge and skills sharing among grantees.
  20. Develop Technology Analysis for the project under development by showing various options available and facilitating the grantee to make the appropriate optimal choice.
  21. Conduct environment screening and provide appropriate advice to new projects.
  22. Document grantees’ profiles to include a brief description of the activities and success stories.
  23. Support Grantees to submit disbursement and ensure that funds received are used for project activities.
  24. Review grantees’ quarterly activity and financial reports and ensure that they are submitted within the agreed time frame.
  25. Conduct the site visits to grantees and provide coaching and on-the-job assistance wherever applicable.
  26. Liaison with key project stakeholders such as Rwanda Agriculture Development Board (RAB), Rwanda Bureau of Standards (RBS), Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA), Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA) etc for the purpose of leveraging USADF capacity building support.


The Agribusiness Specialist will report to the ADC Managing Director/USADF Program Director.

Minimum Requirements

ADC is looking for a person who has demonstrated leadership in his/her previous job. At least 5 years of experience in leadership in business-oriented organizations especially in the agribusiness value chain and SMEs. Good report writing skills in English and Kinyarwanda, and experience in working in grants management or any other related field will be an advantage.

Academic Qualifications

Minimum academic qualifications include a BSc in Agronomy, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Bachelor Degree Program in Food Science, Bachelor’s degree of Science in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, and a university degree in agribusiness management.  A Master’s degree of Science in Agriculture, Economics, or Agribusiness is an advantage.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should submit their cover letter accompanied by a CV and academic credentials addressed to ADC Managing Director at not later than August 31, 2022, at 17:00 hrs. With the job title in the subject line (Agribusiness Specialist). Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Rebecca Ruzibuka

Managing Director

Africa Development Consultant Ltd.

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