Imyanya igera kuri 2 y’akazi yaLoan Officer muri Inkunga Finance Plc: (Deadline 18 July 2022)

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2 Job Positions of Loan Officer at Inkunga Finance Plc: (Deadline 18 July 2022)


INKUNGA FINANCE PLC is a microfinance institution headquarted in Karongi District, Western Province.

Its mission is to promote quality financial services to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in order to contribute to the improvement of their socio-economic living conditions and to remain a sustainable and self-sufficient institution.

To strengthen its human resources, INKUNGA FINANCE is currently recruiting two Loan Officers to occupy these posts.



Key Responsibilities

Under the supervision of Branch Manager, he (she) will be responsible for:

  1. Ensure the initial contact with potential customers and explain to them all requirements in loan application process;
  2. Carry out field visits at clients businesses and domiciles to ensure their capacities in loan reimbursement;
  3. Analyze credit application files and help eligible customers complete the files;
  4. Ensure the client’s eligibility based on an in-depth analysis of 5 Cs;
  5. Visit the place of collateral guaranted by the borrower, his home and draw up the report to be classified in a client’s credit application file;
  6. Constitute the credit application files and make its proposal to the credit committee for analysis and approval;
  7. Draw up loan contracts and get them signed;
  8. Ensure credit disbursements and inform customers;
  9. Ensure the high quality of loan portfolio;
  10. Ensure the proper delivery of services and customer satisfaction;
  11. Make the list of non-performing/written off loans and establish the schedule and plan for their recovery and submit the execution report to the Branch Manager;
  12. Establish monthly credit risk situations according to the format of the central Bank or requirements of the partner of INKUNGA FINANCE Plc;
  13. Ensure the growth of the deposit and loan portfolio through clients’ mobilization and promotion of INKUNGA FINACE Plc products;
  14. Report to the Branch Manager;


  • Must be a Rwandan;
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree  or an A1 degree in Rural development, Finance, Accounting or related fields;
  • Must have proof of experience as loan officer of at least two year’s experience for A0, at least three year’s experience for A1in Financial institution sector either Bank or Microfinance;
  • Must have driving license category A;
  • Have a good character in working with financial institutions (meaning no non-performing or written off loans);
  • Fluent in French or English, knowledge of two languages would be an advantage;
  • Aged between 21 years and 40 years;

Method of Application and notification   

  • Interested and qualified candidates should submit Job application via e-mail: will get a reply to confirm the reception of your application)
  • The deadline for submitting applications is July 15th, 2022 at 18:00;

The job application file must contain:

  1. An application letter addressed to the Managing Director;
  2. A circulum vitae;
  3. A copy of the identity card;
  4. A copy of the degree;
  5. A proof of previous experience and driving license.

The list of shortlisted candidates for the written exam will be published not later than 18th July 2022, 18h00 via the website:

Done at Rubengera, July 07th, 2022


Managing Director

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