Fully funded Taiwan Foundation for Democracy Fellowships, PhD and Postdoctoral levels, 2022-23

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Third round application deadline: 15 June 2022

Every year, the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy grants a limited number of fellowships to scholars and practitioners from outside Taiwan who wish to pursue research related to Taiwan’s democracy and human rights. The TFD divides its fellowships into four categories: Dissertation Fellowships, for PhD candidates writing their thesis; Postdoctoral Fellowships, for those who have recently received their PhD; Democracy and Human Rights Service Fellowships, for those who want to be involved in democracy and human rights projects in Taiwan; and International Visiting Fellowships, for experienced democracy and human rights practitioners.

Timing of Fellowships

TFD Fellows may reside in Taiwan for up to one year to conduct research topics of their own choice that are related to Taiwan’s democracy and human rights. There is no minimum length for fellowships, but please remember that all Fellows are responsible for completing their projects successfully within the time allotted to them. Please also note that all fellowships must end in or before December of the same calendar year in which they begin. No fellowships may span 31 December / 1 January.


The TFD will provide the following services to each of its Fellows:

a monthly stipend designed to assist with living expenses in Taiwan

a reimbursement for a round-trip ticket from the applicant’s current location to Taiwan

shared office space at the TFD, including computing facilities and internet access

use of the TFD office for events related to the Fellow’s research (with permission from the TFD on a case-by-case basis)

access to the TFD’s collection of research materials

access to the TFD’s network of scholars

assistance in making contact with persons relevant to the Fellow’s research when necessary

TFD business cardsLikewise, TFD Fellows are responsible for the following items:

planning and coordinating all research activities, including making contact with interviewees, arranging for translation services, and designing an appropriate timetable for the Fellow’s research

submitting a progress report every two months

submitting a written, academic report of the results of the project by the end of the fellowship, in addition to a public, oral presentation at the TFD on the results of the project

obeying all laws of the Republic of China, as well as any legal fees or penalties that result from a failure to obey those laws

all travel arrangements to and from Taiwan, including visas

housing and transportation in Taiwan

all expenses beyond the Fellow’s stipend and airfare reimbursement

consulting with TFD staff before traveling outside of Taiwan during the period of the fellowshipThe TFD staff is more than happy to provide assistance and answer questions when necessary, but please remember that the TFD is not responsible for coordinating its Fellows’ research projects. Fellowship applicants who are ultimately granted fellowships typically have clear project plans, have done background research on their topic before applying, and are ready to begin their projects when they arrive.

Use of the TFD Office

The TFD offers shared office space at the TFD to all Fellows, although Fellows are not obligated to conduct their research at the TFD. Please note, however, that the TFD cannot give office keys to Fellows, which means that Fellows must be accompanied by at least one TFD staff member while in the office. The office is generally available to Fellows from 9:00 – 18:00 from Monday through Friday, and often after hours on those days.

Travel outside of Taiwan

The Taiwan Foundation for Democracy provides its Fellows with a monthly stipend to assist with their living expenses while they conduct their fellowship research in Taiwan, and does not generally grant funding for time spent outside of Taiwan. However, we recognize that TFD Fellows occasionally find opportunities to travel outside of Taiwan during their fellowships that contribute to their fellowship research. The TFD will consider continuing regular fellowship funding to Fellows for time spent abroad, provided that:

The purpose of the trip is to further their field research on Taiwan and is directly related to the research topic described in their fellowship application

They inform the TFD of their plans to travel abroad and provide a thorough overview of planned activities abroad

They receive approval from the TFD

They report the results of their travel to the TFD after returning to Taiwan

Such funding will be granted on a case-by-case basis and must be pre-approved by the TFD. TFD Fellows will not receive funding for time spent abroad if they do not fulfill the conditions listed above. In addition, the TFD will not provide reimbursements for extra travel expenses, for example airfare, travel tax, or shipping costs.

Additional information: Official Website.

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